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Shadow 6 Wireless Controller for PS3

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Shadow 6 Wireless Controller for PS3

Availability: Out of stock.

The Shadow 6 Wireless Controller sets a new standard for PS3 gaming. The customized layout of the analog sticks delivers more comfort and precision to PS3 gamers. It features enhanced L2 and R2 triggers that help prevent your fingers from slipping during game play. Shadow 6 is also compatible with SIXAXIS™ motion sensing technology and includes 2.4 GHz latency free wireless technology, dual rumble motors, a built-in rechargeable battery, mini USB charge cable and rubberized grips, making the Shadow 6 the most comfortable PS3 controller ever created.

• Customized Analog Sticks
• Compatible with SIXAXIS™
• Dual Rumble Motors
• Enhanced L2 and R2 Buttons
• Built-in Rechargeable Battery
• Includes Mini USB Charge Cable
• Updatable Wireless Receiver
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Additional Information
Sell Sheet Download PDF (DGPS3-3853)
Download PDF (DGPS3-3854)
Manual Download PDF (DGPS3-3853)
Download PDF (DGPS3-3854)
Model DGPS3-3853/3854
Device(s) Sony PS3, Sony PS3 Slim